EscapeWorks is not offering escape room experiences at this time. Thank you to everyone who enjoyed our past escaperoom offerings and supported us.


60 minutes and the clock is ticking...


You'll have a blast trying!

Mystery! Suspense! Surprise!  You’re not just solving puzzles, you are part of the story. EscapeWorks provides you with more than a room, you are immersed in a world where you depend on your cleverness and wits to engage puzzles and overcome obstacles.  With every challenge conquered more of the story unfolds. It’s more than just an escape, it’s an adventure!


Pick a date and escape experience; make your reservation and payment online. It’s that easy. If you have any trouble making your booking just give us a call and we will be happy to assist you.


When you arrive for your experience you will get a brief orientation and then it’s time to get trapped in a highly detailed, themed environment with an exciting plot, complete with twists.


Challenges both mental and physical will stand in your way as you work toward escape. Will you make it before time runs out?


Answers to common questions below...

Why should I try an escape room game?

We offer you an experience different from other classic activities done as a group. You can test and enhance your concentration, observation, problem solving, and decision making skills, all while having great fun.

How difficult is the game?

The challenge level varies for each theme. Each game is designed to be completed in 60 minutes with observational and problem solving skills. You do not need any special talent other than using your brain and acting fast. This does not necessarily mean that everybody will finish the game in time.

Are there age restrictions?

Our escape rooms are recommend for ages 12 and up.  Younger guests may still enjoy the experience but could find some of the challenges too difficult and/or some of the themes and content unsettling. Parental discretion is advised.  Guests 14 and under must be accompanied by a paying adult.

Will we be grouped with other people?

If you do not book the entire room you may be paired with other players.

When should my group arrive?

Arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled start time for a brief orientation.

Will it be safe during the game?

Yes. Safety will be covered in your orientation. Rooms are monitored by your game master and there is an exit button that can be used in the event of an emergency.

If I cancel will I get a refund?

Games are nonrefundable for no shows and last minute cancellations; however, we understand that plans can change, we can reschedule your game if you contact us at least 24 hours prior to your reservation.

Will I get scared?

Suspense is a common part of our escape rooms and some of the games may have a creepy theme and/or some surprises.  It just depends on what scares you.  If you are concerned simply discuss it with your gamemaster when you arrive and he/she will do their best to accommodate scaredy cats.

Are there films or games similar to this activity?

There are many computer games in which you proceed by finding hidden objects and/or solving puzzles. Myst, Silent Hill, The Room, are good examples. In addition to TV shows such as The Crystal Maze, Helevator, and Legends of the Hidden Temple, films such as Cube, Saw and Fermat’s Room also cover the same concept.

Do we have to wear special costumes to play the game?

No; however, you are welcome to wear costumes fitting with the theme if you like. We recommend that wear comfortable clothing and a minimal amount of accessories so that you can move quickly during the game.


Whether a bonding experience with friends and family, a team building activity,
celebrating a special event, or just for fun; EscapeWorks will provide you with an
exciting escape game experience you won’t soon forget.

Friends & Families

Just a fun night out or celebrating a special occasion; make it one to remember with an adventure at EscapeWorks.


Be sure to put EscapeWorks on your list of things to do while visiting East Tennessee and find out what makes us unique.


Are you a video game player or enjoy a good stratagy board game? Put yourself to the test with a live action challenge at EscapeWorks.


Corporate coworkers, church groups, and social teams can strengthen bonds and hone cooperative skills while having great fun at EscapeWorks.

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